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Genious ideas. Amazing products. Amazing person. My NALU coffe to go accompanies me every day. I keeps my coffee warm and reminds me of my greates pasion (surfing) in my daily routine. Thanks.


'Eva makes amazing stuff out of old wetsuits and does a great job fixing suits as well.'

  HOSTEL ON THE HILL/15.04.2019

'She is very professional and efficient, and very fast. Apart after a nice treatment with a wonderful smile. 6 stars ⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛'



'Very good work, with proper material to repair the wetsuits.
I surf allot, and time to time my wetsuits need to be repair, by some one that knows how to do it. thank you very much for be always near by...'

                JOAO/SURFSINSTRUCTOR GOOD FEELING/21.02.2019

'A fast and good wetsuit repair, as well as helping the environment. Great!


'Uncomplicated, fast and professional repair of my wetsuit. Thank you very much, Eva! :)'


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