Pencil Case


The NALU Pencil Case fits pens and pencils but also everything else you want to keep together. If you have children, it is a perfect pencil case for school as it is not only very light and durable, but also super cool. Your kid will learn that upcycling waste is trendy and maybe even influence other kids around. Plus it is easy to clean off dirt (only handwash).


Average size: 20,5 x 10cm.

Special details:

- Backzip-rope on the zipper

- NALU-cork-patch

- Label attached with fishingropes collected at


- Zippers in different colours available

Price: 22€

Each bag is upcycled from old wetsuits and telling will bring a vibe of ocean & sun into your home.

Made with deep love & full respect to nature ♡

Pencil Case 2.jpg