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Beach Clean Ups

Why we are cleaning our local beaches...

Even though, we strongly believe that every little step towards a more environmentally conscious behaviour matters, beach cleanings are surely not THE solution of our waste-problem.
The energy, time and money it would cost for clean-ups big enough to make a direct impact, is as­tronomical. It simply can’t be sustained, especially when plastic consumption rates are only increasing. 

So why do we even bother?
In our opinion every single step matters. Even if it is a very small one like picking up a handfull of trash when you are at a beach. If you do this each time - it adds up. If everybody would be doing it....imagine!

With our organised beach clean ups in the Algarve we mainly want to raise awareness. People joining or simply witnessing our cleanings are seeing the consequences of their consumption behaviour right in front of them. Research has shown that first-hand-experiences like this have a significant influence on peoples behaviour. Volunteers say the cleanups make them more mindful of how they dispose of their own rubbish.

You want to get involved? We will be happy to welcome you to our team or simply to one of our clean-ups :) 

Find our Clean-Up-dates and more detailed information on our facebook and instagram page: 


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