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My name is Eva Diemer and I am 33 years old. I grew up in the beautiful BlackForest - a National Park in South-West-Germany - in an earth-conscious household with parents who have always been focused on sustainability, local & organic food, and low-waste. Growing up in such a pure natural surrounding, I spend most of my time outside, playing with my friends and doing sports. 


With the age of 19, I moved out of my parents house to study Sports Science and Social Work. In this time I started surfing, which is still one of my biggest passions until now. I have had several jobs while studying, such as fitness traininer, academic assistant, community worker, etc. After University, I worked for several years as a social worker and curative teacher in a youth community for menatlly ill juveniles.

My enormous desire to be in pure nature and close to the ocean has caused me to finally move to Portugal (South-West-Algarve) in 2016, I still live here today.

It was only here that I understood the full extend of our environmental crisis. I couldn’t have imagined how bad the pollution of our planet REALLY is and how urgent WE need to CHANGE our habits and get out of our so called “comfort zones” (we think they are comfortable but they are not sustainable at all). Being at the beaches a lot and in the water, I lit(t)er-ally see how far we went with our overconsumption- and trash-society.


Feelings of sadness, frustration & anger about our environmental situation have overwhelmed me, so I have taken a few decisions in my life. I chose to not be angry or sad or frustrated about it anymore, but rather act (than REact) and live a life as much earth conscious as I can. Step by step. So I started to live a minimalistic llifestyle and - even though not planned - set up a business with the main purpose to create environmental awareness. I still can't believe how amazing the responses are and how fast NALU PROJECT has been growing (and still is).

Thanks to every single person who supports me and NALU ♡♡♡