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★ It's a website ★

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Dear community,

I still can't believe it! NALU PROJECT is from now on online with it's own website. You can find some more detailed information about NALU PROECT, about the face behind, and of course about the services, such as WETSUIT REPAIR, WETSUIT UPCYCLING, and WETSUIT SALE.

In the category "Wetsuit Upcycling" you will find some basic information about my work as an upcycler. I describe what it means to pick up wet and stinky wetsuits and to process them into handy little upcycling bags (NALU bags). On this site you will find an overview of the full range of NALU bags. If you click on one of the bags, you will find more details about this specific bag (such as functions, measurements, price, and much more). Further, you can find a description about the Wetsuit Repair & Wetsuit Sale Service.

I hope that the values and ideas behind NALU PROJECT can be clearly seen on the website and on the blog. NALU PROJECT is not only about wetsuits. In fact, the wetsuit can be seen as a symbol for the world we are living in: a world of brutal extraction of natural resources, unsustainable production methods, careless waste-overconsumption, disposal etc. But before getting to negative about the environmental situation (which I believe does not help at all), I want to point out the change we are experiencing right now. It is worth a whole post itself.....I truly believe that every single step each one of us does, matters. And I see more and more people awakening and questioning their own habits.

My mission and vision:

I want to inspire people to be more aware of our nature and to discover, how wonderful and joyful this can be. Upcycling is so much fun! And you can use ANYTHING that lost it's original purpose and would normally end up in the garbage bin.

I want to inspire people to begin repairing things again or let it be repaired by an expert.

I want to inspire people to buy more second hand. It is not only good for our nve never had going into a normal store.ature but also way cheaper and cooler. Buying second hand you will get ideas, you would ha

Até já.

ღ Namaste ღ

Your Eva

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